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Dell Inspiron i7559-7512GRY 15.6 Inch UHD Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7 2.6 GHz 6th Generation Processor, 1 TB HDD, 16 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

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Amazon Price: $899.97 $899.97 (as of December 13, 2017 1:09 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Limits are for pushing. Experience a new level of games, videos, and productivity with powerful Intel Core processors and the latest graphics.

Customer Reviews

Great value mobile workstation/gaming laptop, but has some setbacks

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 on December 5, 2015
By Brandon
I purchased the I7559-7512GRY model with the 4k UHD screen, Core i7, 16GB RAM, and 128GB SDD + 1TB HDD combo and I like it so far, but can’t say I absolutely love it. I purchased mine specifically to be a desktop replacement/mobile workstation. I do not do much gaming, but rather, I run a lot of CPU intensive VMs and networking programs, with occasional Photoshop work. So far, it’s been incredible value for money. Performance with this laptop is great, the SSD is fast enough for the kind of work that I do and having the 1TB secondary storage is nice, but I think eventually I will swap both drives out in favor of a single SSD. The graphics card on this laptop is a beast and handles Photoshop exceptionally well, and the 4k screen has great color and depth to it, but IMO is too contrast-y.

Perfect for graphic designer on the go!

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 on November 19, 2016
By Melissa Chinn
I have been doing research on laptops for about a year now. I recently left my full time job as an in-house graphic designer and went out on my own. I had once bought a Macbook Pro thinking it was the best of the best but was sadly disappointed after using it for only 2 weeks and it was VERY slow.

Unassuming Speed Demon!

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 on May 15, 2017
By Jonathan Gagnon
This laptop is like one those souped up, highly tuned cars that don’t have any flashy decals or spoilers or whatever, but meanwhile it’ll smoke you once the light turns green. This laptop is THAT GOOD.

Great Laptop for a great price

71 people found this helpful.
 on April 22, 2016
By Amy Terry
I researched laptops for probably 12 hours before settling on this. There are quite a few within the price range. I looked at everything from ASUS to Gigabyte. I wanted a laptop that would work well for light to moderate gaming but still be portable and usable for school/work. I was concerned about the keyboard, the mouse pad and the glossy 4k screen. I was concerned about the soft touch surface of the laptop. I wanted a metal or aluminum laptop. But after looking at everything, including price, I found this was the best laptop for the price. You can spend 2 grand an all metal laptop. But if you want a solid performing, nice looking, laptop for barely over $1000 then this is the laptop for you. The keyboard is great. It types well, the keys are spaced well and the surface doesn’t bounce. The keypad is great. It has multi touch controls and is responsive. The hi gloss 4k screen is perfect. It is bright and has great color reproduction. The glare is fine indoors, I only notice a glare if my back is to a window. I have played all of my favorite steam games and they look fantastic. I play Starcraft 2, it runs smooth and looks amazing. The solid state drive with windows 10 is fast. Really fast. I can restart my computer in under 20 seconds. I pull up Microsoft word in 1.5 seconds. Do yourself a favor and pull the trigger on this great laptop from Dell. I am a computer geek who has children and can’t afford the $2500 Razer I wanted. If you are like me and want a nice looking laptop that lets you play games without looking like you own a “gaming laptop” than this is the laptop for you. I have the option with 128gb ssd, 1tb hdd, 16gb RAM with 4K screen and I7 processor. I love it.

Nice Laptop

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 on February 24, 2016
By Josey Wales
I got it for my wife (she’s no gamer). Most laptops under $1000 are not worth it so even though I could have gotten less I figured why not. At least with this one I can change out the memory and HD if necessary. One thing to note was the Wi-Fi card was DOA out of the box. I had to plug in my Ethernet cable and found out the driver needed to be updated (why is Dell shipping these with outdated drivers). After I did that and rebooted it the driver was disabled…once I enabled the driver everything started working fine.

it’s a good laptop for gaming, the charger is not designed well, you pretty much need an ssd if you plan on playing pugb

 on October 28, 2017
By richard h
I bought mine used for about 660$ and it came in looking almost completely unused. I have to admit though… the charger was slightly broken and bent in a way where the cords eventually came out of the charger and stopped working. I was able to order a new charger from ebay for about 30 bucks that didn’t seem to have the same flaw or malfunction and was a different model number but works. The model i ordered is DA130PE1-00. Also it runs mostly any game you would want but i did order an m2 ssd and another 8 gigs of ram. I dont think i could have gotten a better deal on a laptop. I also ordered the model with a 4k panel and just have my resolution set to 1080p and have very little complaints.

Great performance for the price, terrific UHD screen

7 people found this helpful.
 on April 7, 2016
By Jeffy
Gorgeous UHD touchscreen. The GPU is powerful enough to run most recent games at greater than 1080p resolution, high-to-ultra settings, near-or-greater than 60 FPS. It’s computing power in general is rather high.

This is great machine, very good graphics card

2 people found this helpful.
 on October 25, 2016
By James
This is great machine, very good graphics card. May daughter (who this was for) plays games such as League of Legends/World of Warcraft etc and can run them at full fps and it doesn’t break a sweat. This was one of my main concerns cos if you’ve ever tried to compare GPU/Processors etc it can be very tricky due to many combinations, and differences between laptop and desktop versions of same chipset.

Decent laptop for gaming

 on August 25, 2016
By Mia Amado
Decent build quilts a average display backlight keyboard and decent temps every when the gpu was oc I on my laptop was able to hit 130mhzs on the core clock and 123 on memory clock and could have gone higher but in the interest of keeping the temps down i just stayed with that as for gaming I got a constant 60 fps bf4 med settings and bo3 on medium 1080p no antialerasing I got around 60 but if you want to play on high I would suggest turn the resolution down to 900p as for doom I got 30 to 50 fps on ultra at 1080p on antialiasing


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